Darvell School

Darvell School is a registered independent school for children from the ages of 6-14.  The school is set within the Darvell community in rural East Sussex.  Once children reach the age of 14, they generally progress to the Beech Grove School in Kent. 

Alongside a rigorous academic curriculum, the pupils at the school get a rich education in nature studies, geography and local history.  The school classes regularly access local woods, nature ponds and streams. 

The school is inspected by Ofsted, and is currently rated as being good.  You can see our inspection reports here

The school does not select on academic achievement, taking all the children from families at the Darvell Community, as well as other children from the locality. 

School Gardens

The school grounds provide oportunities to learn about growning vegetables and flowers.

World Events

Important world events are explained to the pupils to foster in them a keen interest in people all over the world.