Community Life

Church Communities UK owns several properties in the UK and Europe which are home to the Christian communities known as the Bruderhof.

Members live in full community of goods and complete spiritual unity, based on the gospel of Christ. The faith and practice of the Bruderhof is fully described in its church rule, Foundations of our Faith and Calling.

At each location, housing is provided for the families and singles who share in the vocation of community life. Guest accommodation is available, and the communities welcome hundreds of visitors each year. Community members and visitors gather for meals and worship meetings at noon or in the evenings.

Many neighbours attended other special occasions such as open days, harvest festivals, and singing of Christmas carols and sacred choral works.

For more information on the Bruderhof, please visit the official Bruderhof website.


Darvell Community

Darvell Community, located near Hastings in the south of England, was founded in 1971. Before that is was a tuberculosis sanatorium.

It is home to around 300 people and is the oldest Bruderhof location in Europe.

Beech Grove Community

A community of some 200 residents near Dover, this Bruderhof opened in 1995. Beech Grove’s main building is an eighteenth century manor house which was previously known as St. Alban’s Court and was for many years a sports academy.