Church Communities UK

Church Communities UK is a charitable company registered in England.

We are established for the advancement of the Christian faith and the promotion of the moral and spiritual welfare of the general public, and in particular to further the faith and mission of Jesus Christ and the way of life whose character is church community.

To do this, we establish, develop and support the vocation of church community, made possible through the transforming power of Jesus Christ, that calls believers to live simply and honestly, renounce all worldly goods and devote themselves entirely to an integrated life in the service of Jesus Christ.

This vocation includes work, worship, apostolic mission, education and family life. We recognise that productive labour is a vital aspect of church community life and is, in this context, a religious activity that advances the message of the Christian gospel.

Each community keeps an open door to all people who desire to participate and co-operate in these aims.

We also give charitable assistance throughout the world, where the need for peace, justice, reconciliation and non-violence, community, alleviation of poverty and suffering and the education of children and adults exists.  


BGR School

Church Communities UK owns several properties in the UK and Europe which are home to the Christian communities known as the Bruderhof.

In 1936 the Bruderhof fled Nazi persecution in Germany and moved to the UK. The community has been recognised as being established for charitable purposes ever since.

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